Intruder Alarms

Intruder Alarm Systems are a security necessity for both residential and commercial properties.

Tri Security offer both wired and wireless solutions so that installs can be damage free with no cables.

A professionally installed, maintained and monitored intruder alarm system is a significant deterrent to crime. We work with leading manufacturers using cutting-edge detection technology. Every system has the option of being monitored by our 24-hour alarm receiving centre, and we have mobile apps which can be used to monitor and control the alarm yourself. This means that even when you are away, you will always have visibility and control of your home or business.

We integrate alarm systems with other security products such as access control, enabling you to set and unset your alarm automatically from the access system. Integration with CCTV, security lighting systems and perimeter detection provides a comprehensive security package. The possibilities are endless but our expert surveyors and engineers can develop a tailored system design which perfectly meets your requirements.

We offer free surveys, and we will always ensure to spend time involving you in every aspect of the design.